Our focus is quality of service, every claim process is delivered with the philosophy that quality and flexibility will lead to natural business growth.

What we do at Knight R&D

Knight R&D provides an uncompromised service to all our clients regardless of size, turnovers ranging from start-ups to greater than £1b. Our aim is to build lasting relationships with our clients, supporting their growth through a transparent, fair and flexible approach.

Rupert Mayo
Managing Director

Rupert leads the team in all aspects of the claim process. He has more than 15 years’ experience in R&D, initially as a scientist in industry prior to spending over 9 years as an R&D Incentives specialist at one of the "Big 4" accounting firms. Through his professional services career Rupert has built a reputation for excellence in his technical application of the qualifying criteria and was team-leading in his capacity to effectively communicate his clients’ qualifying costs and projects to HMRC. Rupert’s experience compiling claims on both the industry and professional services sides of the claim process has been a significant contributor to his status as a leading advisor in this field.

Mohammed Hashim
IT Director

Mohammed heads the IT team at Knight R&D leading all claims related to ICT and software engineering. He has several years’ experience working in the field as a developer as well as holding a MSc in Software engineering from Queen Mary, University of London. Since leaving industry Mohammed has been leading IT claims for companies ranging from early stage start-ups to large international banks for over 4 years and has diverse experience in how to manage the R&D process having delivered R&D incentive services in both mid-tier accountancy firms and in the Big 4. Mohammed has extensive experience defending claims having specialised in this area prior to joining Knight R&D and therefore has a strong understanding and unique insight into how HMRC view software and IT claims internally.

As well as leading R&D claims, Mohammed is charged with defining and implementing Knight R&D’s internal IT strategy and systems. It is due to a mix of his responsibilities as IT claims lead and Knight R&D’s IT director that ensures his technical knowledge is up to date such that he is able to communicate with our client’s technical personnel on a technological level.

Multidisciplinary Team

Working with Rupert and Mohammed we have a multidisciplinary team providing industry, technical, tax and accounting expertise that allows us to cover all aspects of the R&D Incentive claim process to meet both our clients’ and HMRC’s expectations with minimal disruption to your business. In all our claims we have never had one rejected or reduced.