Engineering Case Study

The key with engineering claims is being able to communicate the qualifying criteria to engineers who have preconceived views on what should be qualifying. This is where Knight R&D excels.

Project Brief

The structural engineering company had previously spoken to multiple advisors and were told that although there might be a potential to claim, the end benefit would be minimal and not worth the effort of putting a claim together. The company directors felt that the advisors they had spoken to never truly understood their business or the advanced solutions they were developing.

What we did

  • Initially we undertook independent research to understand our client and the projects they undertook, following this with a brief call to gain an overview of our client’s activities.
  • We then led a workshop and discussions with the technical leads at the company and gathered all the required details across more than 200 projects, in a single two hour meeting.
  • Having scoped the R&D activities and obtained the required assessment information, we liaised with company finance personnel and directors to quantify and finalise the claim.
  • The outcome of our work was firstly minimising the company’s total time on the claim to a single work day (spread over all people) and achieving a substantial net benefit.