Media is an often overlooked sector despite consistently innovating in content delivery and hardware. Knight R&D has the experience to assist successful media claims.

Social Media

Our software specialists have assisted a number of social media companies successfully claim R&D relief. Our team can assist you in assessing areas such as intelligent advertisement, performant content delivery, and smart recommendation engines as well as other areas of development.

Media Streaming

Media streaming has never been a simple task despite the wide availability of off the shelf solutions. With the ubiquity of mobile devices and the growing number of platforms that could be targeted, the complexity of delivering multimedia to users has increased. With these technical challenges the potential for qualifying R&D increases.

Media hardware manufacturers

Knight R&D’s software and electronic specialists have assisted companies claim for the design and manufacturing of set top boxes, the enhancement of STBs, the development of the underlying software to support delivery content to STBs and more.

Content creators

Content creators often have to work within technical limitations and boundaries set by either platforms or end-user requirements. This normally leads to significant technological challenges in areas such as quality versus compression and security versus transmission efficiency.