Knight R&D’s software specialists have successfully assisted companies to compile hundreds of claims in technology.


Whether you are an early stage start-up or an established disruptor, our expertise in working with Fintech and FS companies can help you realise your full entitlement. You may be attempting to simplify interfacing with the incumbent FS institutions or developing novel ways of handling finance, either way speak with us  to explore your potential claim.


Knight R&D has been closely following the emerging sector of regulation technology and our software specialists are predicting early that this was going to be a growing field. As such, we started an early focus on working with RegTech companies and getting an understanding around the key areas of development in the sector.


Insurtech, often overlooked, has in recent years seen a growing investment in innovation and novel ways of streamlining the insurance industry. Whether you are looking at ways to efficiently generate quotes or generating risk reports through complex data aggregation, come to Knight R&D to find out your extent of R&D.

Software development houses

It is no secret that software development has been one of the biggest areas for R&D tax relief claims over the last few years. Knight R&D leverages our software specialists’ in-depth knowledge of the development lifecycle and process to help general development houses ensure they have fully assessed their activities for potential R&D.

Creative technologies

Creative technologies is an area where many R&D advisors have relegated to the area of “user and behavioural” development and, therefore, not in scope of the R&D regime. However, what is often overlooked is the underlying development work required in creative technologies. Knight R&D can help you to understand the R&D guidelines and how they align with your work.

Business software

Are you developing internal software for back office purposes or do you provide custom business software development and deployment? Whether it is CRMs or ERPs, time-sheeting or issue ticketing, you could be overlooking qualifying work.

Mobile apps

Developing complex, feature filled native or web-based mobile applications can introduce numerous challenges requiring custom solutions to achieve an acceptable product. Limitations related to mobile operating systems and hardware can necessitate qualifying R&D activities.