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What you think qualifies for R&D Tax Credits may not and what you think definitely won’t, actually might.

Knight R&D will show you how to apply the R&D Tax Legislation and BEIS Guidelines in a robust, transparent and exhaustive fashion, to access your full entitlement.

Credit where credits due.


The UK Government recognises the risks and rewards of undertaking technically challenging projects by offering R&D incentives, submitted with corporation tax returns.

We assist companies in compiling their R&D tax submissions, ensuring the claim process is painless yet exhaustive.

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At Knight R&D we are flexible with how our fees are structured, offering clients contingent fees, hourly rates and fixed fee alternatives. Many clients that have been claiming for years and have R&D at their core prefer fixed fee arrangements, others only requiring ad hoc contributions prefer hourly rates, while others are happy with contingent fees.


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At Knight R&D we leverage our team's diverse backgrounds in Science, Engineering and Software to enable us to work successfully across any of our clients' sectors.

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