We make the claim process simple for our clients by:

• Understanding their business and their needs and adapting the claim process accordingly
• Taking the hard work out of the process for them
• Breaking down the complex qualifying criteria into easily understood segments

We enable our clients to recieve their full entitlement by:

• Using an exhaustive approach that does not require additional input from the claimant
• Showing companies how to apply the qualifying criteria objectively and robustly
• Ensuring companies know what information HMRC needs when assessing a claim


We maintain transparency in our process by:

• Making every element of the claim clear to all interested parties so that they can make informed decisions
• Enabling our clients to take part or all of the claim process in house if preferred in future years

Looking to kick off your claim?

Whether you are are looking to submit your first claim, looking for a fresh set of eyes through a new advisor or having reassurance through an independent third party reviewing your claims, Knight R&D can assist.

Knight R&D prides itself on an exhaustive, transparent, flexible and robust approach, ensuring our clients receive their full entitlement within the Legislation & Guidelines.

Knight R&D's approach and philosophy can be summarised in four key areas.

Exhaustive - Every potentially relevant project and cost will be considered based on the Legislation and Guidelines. This is achieved with a “bottom up” approach, where the client supplies a complete “dump” of their costs incurred in the year and Knight filters those costs to facilitate the review process.

Transparent - We ensure our clients understand the qualifying criteria and why projects and costs may be considered for inclusion, so that you can make an informed decision.

Flexible - We aim to complete the process with minimal disruption to your day to day activities and we understand that every company is different and so we adjust our schedule and claim method to meet your requirements and business model.

Robust and defendable – We are highly detailed in our analysis of the Legislation, BEIS Guidelines and HMRC’s interpretations presented in the CIRD manual. In addition to defending our own client’s claims, as a means of remaining up to date with HMRC’s understanding and expectations we provide a regular service defending claims where we had no involvement in the original submission.


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