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Every claim is delivered with an approach that is exhaustive, flexible, transparent, efficient and robust. This process leads to optimised claims and satisfied claimants.

Knight R&D Limited is part of K3 Capital Group PLC. The company was founded in 2016 with the intention of delivering a more flexible, robust, transparent and efficient R&D tax incentive service than any other firm in the field. Our founder, Rupert Mayo, spent 10 years providing the service at a Big 4 accounting firm, joining professional services from industry, where he was a scientist working in fertilisers. Rupert was used by the large accounting firm to assist claimants in ways that other team members could not. Specifically, Rupert’s experience has allowed him to identify qualifying R&D efficiently and robustly in any given industry and at the same time develop costing methods that take advantage of existing documentation and financial systems, such that the companies’ key contacts can focus on their normal tasks. These skills have been instilled in all our staff, the recruitment strategy focusing on people with technical qualifications, an experience and an understanding of what companies may be doing to improve their products and processes. Each team member is trained personally by Rupert and our IT director, Mohammed Hashim.

Rupert recruited Mohammed soon after founding Knight R&D, having identified Mohammed as the only colleague he had worked with in R&D incentives who truly understood how to deliver the service with the appropriate level of flexibility, transparency and efficiency. Knight R&D has grown rapidly since 2016 and is proud of the fact that every team member below director level has been trained internally from the ground up, without any need to look to competitors to bolster its ranks. Further, the company takes great pleasure in the knowledge that it has won every piece of new business through referrals and word of mouth, never using cold calling or email methods to attract new clients. Our service and personnel attract new work, simply through the way they deliver.

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